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For over 30 years, FUNDAECO has supported conservation, management and co-management initiatives in more than 26 natural areas in Guatemala, distributed in seven key ecological regions: the Caribbean, Cuchumatanes, Cerro Amay, Central Metropolitan Region, Volcanic Chain, Mayan Biosphere and Pacific Coast.

In Izabal we manage and support protection of the following areas:

  • Cerro San Gil Watershed Reserve
  • Sarstún River Multiple Use Area
  • Montaña Chiclera Municipal Reserve
  • Sierra Caral Watershed Reserve
  • Sierra Santa Cruz Special Protection Area
  • Río Dulce National Park

In Huehuetenango we support management and protection of the following sites:

  • “K´ojlab´l Tze´ Te Tnom” Todos Santos Cuchumatán Municipal Reserve
  • Cerro Cruz Maltín-Montaña Tzucancá proposed protected area
  • Pepajau Magdalena Conservation site
  • Magdalena Lagoon
  • San José y San Francisco Las Flores Ecological Reserve
  • Piedras de Kab’tzin Municipal Reserve
  • Yal Unin Yul Witz Ecological Reserve
  • Maxbal Conservation site
  • Xapper-Bulej Conservation site
  • Yolnabaj Conservation site
  • Asunlaq Municipal Reserve

In Quiche, we support the protection of the El Amay Conservation Site. And in Petén we collaborate with CONAP and CECON for the conservation and protection of the last subtropical rainforests of Mirador/Rio Azul National Park, Dos Lagunas Biotope and El Lechugal, located within the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

In Guatemala City, we promote the Metropolitan Greenbelt, protecting and managing the following sites:

  • Cayalá Ecological Park
  • Kanajuyú Municipal Park
  • Siwan Raxché Eco Adventure Park
  • Alux Ecological Park, within the Cerro Alux Forest and Watershed Reserve.

Finally, we support biological research and the protection of key sites within the Pacific Coast.

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