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News Bulletin -Urgent-

Today, Tuesday, November 12, 2013, a project was officially inaugurated during the Tenth National Forestry Congress. This project is called “Agroforestry and Restoration of Forests for Ecological Connectivity, Poverty Reduction and Conservation of Biodiversity in Cerro San Gil”. This event took place in the presence of Elmer Lopez, Minister of Agriculture; Bernard Giraud, President of the Livelihoods Fund; local authorities and Executive Managers of INAB, CONAP and FUNDAECO.

Thanks to a unique alliance between NGOs, local communities, state actors and foreign investors, this initiative will promote the largest community reforestation project in recent years in Guatemala. This project consists of reforesting 4,000 hectares with forest trees, fruit trees, rubber trees as well as the implementation of agroforestry systems that will create great benefits for the local communities such as food, income and livelihood. These are some of the species that will be planted: citric trees, coffee, cardamom, cacao, rambutan, pepper, rubber trees and native species such as Santa Maria, mahogany, laurel, San Juan and cedar. Reforestation activities will take place in 20 Q’eqchi’ and ladino communities located in Cerro Gil directly benefiting more than 500 families. This project will last 20 years and will require a 2.3 Million Euros (Q 24.3 million) investment by the Livelihoods Fund.

This project will have the support from the National Forest Institute (INAB) through the Forestry Incentive Program (PINFOR), the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA) through FONAGRO, the National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP), and local authorities. The Foundation for Ecodevelopment and Conservation (FUNDAECO) will be in charge of the coordination, execution and technical assistance regarding the project.

This innovative “Forrest Carbon” project will generate multiple economic, social and environmental benefits such as: Farmers will benefit from a sustainable production of agroforestry products of high commercial value and will receive the environmental benefits of the recovery of their forests; the Cerro San Gil protected area will benefit from the restoration and the ecological connectivity that will promote the new forest plantations; and the planet will benefit capturing more than 1.8 million tons of carbon (CO2e), thus contributing to the mitigation of climate change. This important effort will contribute to the development of our communities, reduce poverty and protect forests and biodiversity in Guatemala.

For more information, please contact: Cesar Barrios Phone: 4848-4723 or Email:

About Livelihoods (inglés)

Livelihoods is an investment Fund that finances high scale projects in reforestation, sustainable farming or energy conducted for and by rural communities. A Danone initiative, the Livelihoods Fund today consists of nine international companies: Schneider Electric, Crédit Agricole, Hermès International, SAP, CDC Climat, La Poste, Voyageurs du Monde and Firmenich. Every project financed by Livelihoods contributes to the fight against poverty and to food security through sustainable ecosystems. Livelihoods investors are large companies who are committed to combatting climate change by reducing the carbon emissions caused by their activities and by voluntary offsets.

The mission of Livelihoods is to encourage these positive efforts by working with rural communities on the foundations of their ecosystems: trees, soil fertility, the water cycle and biodiversity and by encouraging effective and sustainable production methods. Livelihoods is one of the only carbon funds in the world that is willing to risk pre-financing major projects in very poor communities and to receive carbon credits over a 20-year period. To date 6 projects are running all around the world in India, Kenya, Senegal, Indonesia, and Guatemala for helping more than 100,000 villagers to restore up to 30,000 hectares.

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