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Working areas

We have worked for 25 years in the department of Izabal, which is part of the Caribbean of Guatemala, in the following areas:

  1. Cerro San Gil Spring Reserve
  2. Sarstún River Multiple Use Area
  3. Municipal Park Chiclera Mountain
  4. Water and forest reserve Sierra Caral
  5. Chocón-Machacas Biotope
  6. Special Protection Area Sierra Santa Cruz
  7. Water and Forest Reserve Siera Caral
  8. Río Dulce National Park

In the west of Guatemala, in de department of Huehuetenango:

  1. Municipal Regional Park “K´ojlab´l Tze´ Te Tnom” Todos Santos Cuchumatán
  2. Wildlife Refuge Cerro Cruz Maltín-Montaña Tzucancá
  3. Magdalena Lagoon
  4. Conservation site Maxbal
  5. Conservation site Xapper-Bulej
  6. Conservation site Yolnabaj

In the department of Petén, contributing to the conservation and protection of the las sub-tropical, virgin and wild jungles that are left in the Mayan biosphere, we support:

  1. National park Mirador
  2. The communities and concessions Carmelita and Uaxactún

In the capital city we promote the Metropolitan Ecologic Corridor, protecting and managing the following sites:

  1. Ecological and Sport Park Cayalá
  2. Municipal Park Kanajuyú

Also, FUNDAECO has supported important regions for their conservation, such as the Volcanic Cordillera and South Coast.

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