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News Bulletin -Department of Justice and -FUNDAECO- sign agreement

The, past November 12, 2016, Athorny General Thelma Aldana and the General Director of -FUNDAECO- Marco Vinicio Cerezo Blandón signed an inter institutional agreement by the REDD+ Proyect of the Guatemalan´s Caribbean.

This inter institutional agreement will stronger the relationships with bouth institutions, with the purpose of strengthen the Prosecution of Crimes Against the Environment. The Izabal Department has been severely afected by the deforestation, especially in the Caribbean Region.

In this Region we losted 55,440 hectares between 1991 and 2010; In this days, the land that we know like Izabal is not the same as 30 years ago. The water sources are disappearing, the disasters are increasing, crops are lost because of drought and all the beaty´s Region are lost each time faster.

FUNDAECO with the Althelia Climate Fund, do all that we can to avoid the deforestation in the Caribbean of Guatemala; Avoided Deforestation, Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Community Development in Guatemala is designed under REDD+ work and intends avoid the deforestation in a surface greater than 100,000 Ha. tropical forest.