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We promote sustainable rural development and improve life quality of local communities, encouraging economic alternatives suitable with biodiversity conservation and supporting productive improvements for local food safety.

FUNDAECO visualizes rural development as a comprehensive process that includes the organizational part, the accomplishment of rights and creation of opportunities, planning and access to sustainable livelihood means. We construct ecovillages together with the communities, supporting: organization and strengthening of community associations, producer associations, Community Council for Development and their commissions, legalization of community land, creation and implementation of local land management, prevention and contingency plans; productive projects implementation and market chains.

Among the economic alternatives that we encourage, are: support to community eco-tourism sites development; training and financing for eco-tourism service provision; handcraft and textiles production; fruit trees production; decorative objects production; coffee production; rubber production in mosaics of productive diversity; forest plantations with productive objectives, crop intensification and improvement for food safety, corn and beans; sustainable management of ovine cattle to promote natural regeneration and community certified carpentries, among others.

Field Intervention Models from the Program “Eco-Villages: Reduction of vulnerability, Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihood Means (food, water, wood, housing)”

The communities are the real conservationists of their territory; consequently the fight against poverty becomes a fundamental axis for nature conservation. That is why we support thousands of families with productive and development projects.

Eco-Business Program and Productive Chains