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Green and Sustainable Cites

We promote urban healthy surroundings for environmental life quality of their inhabitants and the reduction of negative impact to the global environment.

Forest and green spaces inside and around cities provide environmental services and host important biological diversity. With the objective to manage and preserve these spaces, FUNDAECO promotes the creation of the Metropolitan Ecologic Corridor, a green area system and regional natural areas that under different scheme of protection and management, guarantee a sustainable production of environmental services, increase life quality of their local inhabitants and construct an identity main characteristic and urban landscape of our city.

FUNDAECO currently manages two parks: the Ecological and Sport Park Cayalá with the support of the Independent Sport Confederation of Guatemala (CDAG by its initials in Spanish) and Kanajuyú Municipal Park, with the support of the Municipality of Guatemala.

Field Intervention Models of the Program “Green and Sustainable Cities”


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