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Green Government and Environmental Justice

We support the central government and local governments to develop policies and regulation that promote the conservation of our environment and allow to permanently act in favor of environmental quality from Guatemalans.

In FUNDAECO we are aware that in order to achieve bigger impacts in the nature conservation and sustainable development field, it is vital to have policies, regulation and planning tools that can be applied by strong institutions, with technical and adequate financial capacities.

For that purpose we work in the creation of proposals of land management, legal proposals for protected areas declaratory, regulation proposals for the use of natural resources, and together with the National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations of Natural Resources and the Environment (ASOREMA by its initials in Spanish), we work in the review and incidence for the approval of National Laws and budget strengthening of environmental institutions of the country.

FUNDAECO also supports the effective enforcement of law through the organization of interinstitutional patrols inside protected areas, claims due to environmental crimes and technical-legal case analysis related to the environmental subject.

Green Government and Environmental Justice Program