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November, 2015

News Bulletin -Urgent-

Today, Tuesday, November 12, 2013, a project was officially inaugurated during the Tenth National Forestry Congress. This project is called “Agroforestry and Restoration of Forests for Ecological Connectivity, Poverty Reduction and Conservation of Biodiversity in Cerro San Gil”. This event took place in the presence of Elmer Lopez, Minister of Agriculture; Bernard Giraud, President of the Livelihoods Fund; local authorities and Executive Managers of INAB ... Read more

October, 2015

Una noticia de

An Eco-Tour of Guatemala’s Rio Dulce Region

My teenage daughter and I had just trekked up a rocky trail carved into a palm-enshrouded stairway along the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, just a few miles from the country’s Caribbean coast. Our guide that day was Carlo Caal, a wiry farmer turned eco-guide from nearby Barra Lampara, a Maya community that had banded together to protect the glimmering, mystical caves and hot springs that we were about to explore from construction workers hauling off rocks and wood ... Read more

May, 2015

Una noticia de Siglo 21

Fundaeco celebra 25 años

Luego de estudiar economía del desarrollo en París, Francia, Marco Vinicio Cerezo Blandón volvió a Guatemala, en 1989, con la convicción de que “los países pobres no podrían salir adelante si destruían su base de recursos naturales” ... Read more


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