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Las Escobas Tropical Forest Trail

Open your senses to the beauty of nature. Las Escobas Tropical Forest Trail is one of the most important interpretive trails in the country and awaits you to enjoy it with the whole family! Las Escobas Tropical Forest Trail is home to more than 400 species of birds, insects, reptiles, thousands of plants and other species, some of which are unique to this area of the world.

Discover the wonders of the rainforest while you walk through our three interpretive trails, multiple bridges and meditation platforms. During your visit, you can hike in the magnificent living natural museum of the tropical forest of the Protected Reserve Area Manantiales Cerro San Gil while you enjoy a bathe in the wonderful ponds and waterfalls of Las Escobas River.

Visit our new serpentarium which displays living species and our Center of Biodiversity, “The Ark of Life”, with environmental and interactive education for children and adults. We recommend the services of one of the community guides to show you the site, its splendid nature and its secrets.

Routes and travel time to reach Las Escobas Trail:


Travel Time
City of Guatemala
5 hours
Rio Dulce
1 hour
Puerto Barrios
25 minutes
1 hour (land and water)